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Couple Questions

100 Fun Couple Tag Questions to Get to Know Your Partner

If you wish to have some light-hearted fun with your significant other, we have a great idea for you! You could shoot a couple-tag video, or if not a video, you could simply ask each other fun couple tag questions to have a good time.

Whether your relationship is budding, or you have been together since as long as you remember, asking each other fun couple tag questions is a great way to have a lively time, while discovering deep details about each other which you might not have known. It might even help break the ice!

Spice It Up!

The best way to enjoy is to cut out some flash cards, or make some chits, and ask each other the questions. You can start by asking some basic, fun questions and then slowly break into the real stuff. Think of some sort of a fun ‘punishment’ if your person gets the answer incorrect. Maybe they have to play roulette with cream, or you could splash them with water!

If you have a close friend who is also in a relationship, you could call them over for a double-date couple tag and have a face off to see who wins!
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35 Interesting Husband Tag Questions List

husband tag questionsHusband tag questions are basically a set of questions that a wife asks her husband to find out just how well he knows about her. If you’re that one loving wife who wants to always have fun with your husband and enjoy a quality time with him then you must ask him the husband tag questions and shoot a video together while he answers to you!

The idea here is to give your spouse a couple of questions which revolve around your relationship and marriage while making a video of the entire activity. This can turn out to be pretty entertaining and romantic and can even make your relationship stronger. So, this is definitely something you should try.

Having a partner in your life who shares your pain and laughter and supports you in the hard times of your life is truly a blessing. If you’re interested in doing a husband tag but don’t know what questions to ask your husband then don’t worry! Here are some of the top husband tag questions that we have selected for you along with some examples of videos from YouTube.

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10 Interesting Couples 123 Tag Questions (with examples)

couples 123 tag

Couples 123 tag questions are the series of different questions which both couple answer together. This is usually done while making a video of yourself answering these tag questions and then uploading it on Youtube to share with your subscribers and users.

There are certainly some easy rules on how to play couples 123 tag questions game. So here is the basic rule.

How to play this game? (rules): You and your partner count to 123 and answer the question at the same time. You both answering the questions within your head and start counting 1,2,3 so when you say 3 both answer the question very loud.

Let’s take example of question #1: If I could be married to any movie star who would it be? In my head: *Joe shmoe*

In Significant other’s head: *Jack Smack*


Together: Me: JOE SHMOE , Partner : JACK SMACK

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