20 Really Cute Most Likely To Tag Questions – Boyfriend Edition

most likely to boyfriend questions

Want to know how much your boyfriend knows about you? Do the most likely to tag questions challenge with him and find out more depth in your relationship in a fun-filled and exciting way!

We have especially curated the perfect blend of most likely to tag questions that will put your boyfriend in tricky situations, with the outcomes being hilarious! The most likely to tag will center around questions that you can ask your boyfriend and he will have to respond with who he thinks is the most likely to act a particular way in the given situation. This will show how much he knows you, and your relationship in the cutest way possible!

Gamify It!

Turn it up a notch and gamify the entire process to have double fun! Have cardboard cut outs of the options and make props to make it even more exciting. You could also pose different types of questions such as situational, and expressive, and trust us, you’ll learn new things about your boyfriend, and your relationship!
Start off with some easy, general questions and then slowly build your way into asking more deep and personal questions for a good time!

Most likely to questions – Boyfriend Edition

Here you go with some ideas for questions you could ask each other in a most like to tag video:


  1. Most likely to always be happy?
  2. Most likely to forget something important?
  3. Most likely to fall while walking?
  4. Most likely to be the most popular person in school?
  5. Most likely to take care of the other person while sick?
  6. Most likely to get annoyed over small things?
  7. Most likely to be impatient?
  8. Most likely to complain about things?
  9. Most likely to be sweet?
  10. Most likely to be the healthiest?
  11. Most likely to be nice?
  12. Most likely to be best at school?
  13. Most likely to be a good cook?
  14. Most likely to fall asleep during a party?
  15. Most likely to be the best at math?
  16. Most likely to cry when happy?
  17. Most likely to be smarter?
  18. Most likely to be inpatient
  19. Most likely to buy things they don’t need?
  20. Most likely to crash their car?

Source: Yahoo answers, tumblr, youtube videos

Here are some recent youtube tag videos on most likely to tag. Take a look and have fun!!

Most likely to Tag is the most adorable way to test the strength of your relationship in a fun way! You could use these questions in a blogpost, or shoot a video to upload on YouTube or keep it safe as a sweet memory! Share with us your thoughts and experiences, and if you have more ideas for questions drop them down in the comments below.

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