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25 Best Travel YouTube Channels: Explore the Globe from Your Couch!

Best Travel YouTube Channels

Hey, wanderlust buddies! Imagine a world where the thrill of travel is just a click away. Well, buckle up because we’re diving into the universe of the 25 best travel YouTube channels! These folks aren’t just globe-trotters; they’re the storytellers turning every adventure into a visual feast. From jaw-dropping scenery to local bites that’ll make your stomach rumble, these channels are the VIP pass to a global escapade without leaving your couch.

List of Best Travel Channels on YouTube

Discover stunning destinations, cultural gems, and travel tips that will inspire your wanderlust. Explore the world from the comfort of your screen with these captivating channels.

Sailing La Vagabonde

Ahoy, adventure seekers! Join Riley and Elayna on the high seas, where every sunset is a masterpiece, storms are exhilarating rollercoasters, and their crew has become a community riding the waves of exploration! πŸŒ…πŸŒŠ Dive into their oceanic escapades and let’s ride the wave together!

Gone with the Wynns

Embark on a road trip extravaganza with the Wynns, the wizards of the open road! With 800k road trippers on board, they’re dishing out RV magic, showcasing jaw-dropping landscapes, and spreading laughter through the journey. Ready to join the RV party? πŸšπŸ’¨ Let’s roll into the unknown together!

Drew Binsky

Step into the global celebration with Drew, the ultimate hype man! With a million pals, he’s dancing through countries, savoring weird eats, and diving into the heart of diverse cultures. Hungry for adventure? Get ready for a worldwide party that transcends borders and celebrates our planet’s vibrant diversity! πŸŒπŸ•Ί

Fun for Louis

Buckle up for an adrenaline-fueled journey with Louis, the thrill maestro boasting 2 million thrill-seekers! From skydiving to cultural immersions, his channel is a wild ride of self-discovery, pushing boundaries, and embracing the extraordinary in everyday adventures. Ready to join the Louis squad and elevate your travel game?

Mark Wiens

Prepare for a culinary odyssey with Mark, the foodie explorer boasting 6 million flavor enthusiasts! From street food delights to hidden gems, embark on a mouthwatering journey that transcends borders and tantalizes your taste buds. Hungry for more? Let’s feast our way around the globe!


Meet your travel BFFs, Marko and Alex, the cool Vagabrothers with 1.2 million mates! Offering tips, cultural dives, and off-the-beaten-path adventures, their channel is an exploration of the diverse tapestry our world has to offer. Pack your virtual bags and let’s explore together, going beyond the touristy trails!

Mountain Trekker

Join Varun, your travel buddy with 700k pals, as he unveils the scoop on mountains, cultures, and adventures! Ready to tag along? Let the trek begin, and immerse yourself in the untold stories and breathtaking landscapes of each destination. πŸ”οΈπŸŒ

Eva zu Beck

Eva, your solo travel buddy with 300k mates, invites you on crazy adventures, from remote islands to bustling cities. Ready for the journey? Let’s explore together and immerse ourselves in the beauty and authenticity of each destination!

Fearless and Far

Venture into the unknown with Mike Corey, the adrenaline junkie boasting 500k thrill-seekers! From extreme travel to fearless vibes, get ready for a journey that challenges comfort zones and celebrates the thrill of living on the edge.


A new enchanting player! While stats are brewing, TheCottageFairy promises cozy travels and countryside dreams. Ready for the charm? Let’s cottage-hop into a world of coziness, serenity, and enchanting escapes! 🏑✨

Kara and Nate

Time to meet Kara and Nate, the dynamic duo rocking the travel scene with a whopping 1.8 million travel buddies! These guys don’t just document their adventures; they turn travel into a budget-friendly, cultural explosion with a side of spontaneous fun. Grab your virtual passport, and let’s jet set with Kara and Nate! ✈️🌍

Lost LeBlanc

Enter the world of Christian LeBlanc, the travel wizard enchanting 2.5 million fellow wanderers! His channel isn’t just a travel diary; it’s a cinematic feast of wonders, travel guides, and a deep dive into the soul of each destination. Get ready for a visually stunning journey that’s as informative as it is Instagram-worthy!


Time to bow down to the hilarious rulers of travel, Craig and Aimee, reigning over a kingdom of 300k travel buddies! Kinging-It is more than a channel; it’s a laughter-filled odyssey of unique experiences, van life escapades, and an abundance of infectious enthusiasm. Ready to join the royal party of fun and travel?

Making It Happen Vlog

Join Chris and Marianne on their adventures with 500k fellow explorers! Making It Happen Vlog is your ticket to immersive travel experiences, cultural insights, and the excitement of exploring new destinations. Ready to make it happen? Dive into a world of discovery and travel inspiration! 🌍✈️


Travel guru David Hoffman is your cultural sherpa, guiding 1.2M explorers on a journey of discovery! His channel is a treasure trove of destination guides, local insights, and a passionate exploration of the world’s hidden gems. Ready to dive deep into the heart of travel with Davidsbeenhere?

Indigo Traveller

Join Nick, the Indigo Traveller, on a quest for raw, unfiltered travel experiences alongside 1.95 million kindred spirits! His channel isn’t just about destinations; it’s a visceral journey into the lives of people, untold stories, and a genuine connection with the world. Ready to explore the unexplored in a way that hits you right in the feels?

Hopscotch the Globe

Get ready to hop, skip, and jump with Kristen and Siya, the adventurous pair hopping around the globe with 300k fellow hoppers! Their channel is a burst of vibrant travel vlogs, helpful tips, and a sprinkle of personal stories that make you feel like you’re hopping around the globe with friends. Ready to hop into the fun?


Meet Aly, the PsychoTraveller, your guide to solo adventures accompanied by 200k+ fellow soloists! Her channel goes beyond the surface, addressing the highs and lows of travel, mental health, and the realities of life on the road. Ready to explore the world with a psycho twist? It’s like therapy, but with a passport!

Daneger and Stacey

Join Daneger and Stacey, the duo with 180k fellow explorers! Their channel is a delightful blend of destination guides, travel hacks, and a sprinkle of their nomadic lifestyle. Get ready for a virtual road trip filled with practical tips and a touch of humor – it’s like a travel sitcom with these two!

Wolters World

Meet Mark Wolters, your travel sage with 1 million globe-trotting pals! His channel is like having a wise travel buddy, sharing dos and don’ts, and a no-nonsense approach to exploring the world. Ready to navigate the globe with Wolters World? It’s like getting travel advice from your cool uncle who’s been everywhere! πŸŒπŸ—ΊοΈ

The NYC Couple

Hey, city explorers! Hang out with Liz and Dennis from The NYC Couple and their 120k+ urban squad. They’re not just showing you the city sights; it’s all about hidden gems, tasty bites, and the New York groove. Get ready to stroll the streets and discover the coolest corners of the Big Apple!

Flying The Nest

Jet-setters unite! Stephen, Jess, and their 1.25 million travel buddies are taking you on an adventure-packed journey. From stunning landscapes to heartwarming moments, Flying The Nest is your go-to channel for that serious wanderlust fix. Buckle up; it’s going to be a wild ride!

Tangerine Travels

Hola, travel lovers! Jordan and Maddie are your guides to the wonders of Mexico, and they’ve got 300k sun-soaked amigos along for the ride. Expect a fiesta of culture, delicious eats, and the vibrant tapestry of Mexico. Spice up your travel playlist with Tangerine flair – it’s a party!

Adventurous Way

Meet John and Laura, the road trip enthusiasts exploring the world with their 25k fellow travelers! Adventurous Way isn’t just about destinations; it’s a journey into the heart of van life, travel tips, and the freedom of the open road. Ready to roll with this dynamic duo? Adventure is just a click away! 🚐✨

The Endless Adventure

Meet Eric and Allison, the dynamic duo with 590k+ adventure buddies! Their channel is a rollercoaster of challenges, tasty food quests, and non-stop fun. Buckle up for a virtual joyride that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Adventure awaits – let’s dive in!

Top 10 Male YouTube Travel Channels:

  1. Bald and Bankrupt
  2. Damon Dominique
  3. Lost LeBlanc
  4. The Endless Adventure
  5. Kinging-It
  6. Daneger and Stacey
  7. Vagabrothers
  8. Indigo Traveller
  9. Making It Happen Vlog
  10. Drew Binsky

Top 10 Female YouTube Travel Channels:

  1. Hey Nadine
  2. Kristen Sarah
  3. PsychoTraveller
  4. Eva zu Beck
  5. Sorelle Amore
  6. FunForLouis
  7. Fearless and Far
  8. Kara and Nate
  9. The Budgeteers
  10. Flying the Nest

Top 10 Family YouTube Travel Channels:

  1. The Bucket List Family
  2. Kara and Nate
  3. The Endless Adventure
  4. The Bucket List Boys
  5. The Bramfam
  6. The Way Away
  7. Flying the Nest
  8. The Edwards
  9. The Bucket List Family
  10. Kinging-It

Top 10 Kids Special Travel YouTube Channels:

  1. Little Grey Box
  2. Kids Adventure Zone
  3. Exploring with Mini Travelers
  4. Tiny Explorers Club
  5. Young Globetrotters Hub
  6. Kiddo Adventures
  7. Adventure Kids TV
  8. Traveling Tykes
  9. Junior Jetsetters
  10. Family Expedition

And there you have it, travel fam – our top 25 picks for the YouTube channels that’ll sprinkle a dash of wanderlust into your daily dose of internet. It’s like having a bunch of travel-savvy friends who bring the world to you. So, hit subscribe, join the crew, and let the virtual adventures roll. Because in the realm of travel YouTube, every video is a passport stamp to a new, exciting journey. Pack your curiosity and get ready to explore! 🌍✈️

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