35 Interesting Most likely To Tag Questions – Sibling Edition

most like to sibling edition

Explore your sibling bond further with this exciting most likely to tag questions – sibling edition! If you have always wanted to give this a try with your sibling(s), but never found interesting questions, we have got your back! In this article, we will share with you all sorts of questions that will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly: have tons of fun!

The most likely to tag is a super exciting way to learn about what you and your sibling think and feel about each other’s abilities and personalities. It’s hilarious when you both answer with the same name to a particular situation, or if you both disagree and start debating to back yourself up right there and then!
Make it Exciting!

For a sweet, sweet, nostalgic ride, record the video of the most likely to tag and upload it on YouTube! Your followers will love it. If you don’t want to upload it, record it as a keepsake and see how the video ages. Zoella and her brother Joe recorded a sibling tag video (link below!) and it was super funny to see how Zoella considered herself the best dancer but 4 years later, her brother qualified for finals in a dance competition! It will let you look back on your life and see how things have changed.

35 Most likely To Tag Questions – Sibling Edition

Without any further ado, here is the list of the fun-filled questions you could ask each other:

Who’s most likely to…

  1. Forget birthdays or anniversaries
  2. Be close to parents
  3. Be sleepy
  4. Be inpatient
  5. Fall whilst walking
  6. Laugh at the wrong moment
  7. Be a flirt
  8. Get married first
  9. Marry a celebrity
  10. Listen to classical music
  11. Always be happy
  12. Be a fan of Star Wars
  13. Skydive
  14. Have kids first
  15. Have an ugly date to prom
  16. Have a rich husband
  17. Be successful
  18. Accidental kill someone
  19. Spend all their money on something stupid
  20. Get a stalker
  21. Cry in a sad movie
  22. Talk to animals
  23. Be a drama queen
  24. Be a good cook
  25. Sing in the shower
  26. Be hungry 24/7
  27. Fall in love
  28. Drop their phone after they bought them
  29. Hold their breath the longest
  30. Have the most piercings
  31. Give all their money to charity
  32. Ask stupid questions
  33. Take more selfies
  34. Be the best at math
  35. Worry about small things

(Source: Yahoo answers, Tumblr, Internet)

What’s next? Let’s take a look at some really funny and cool most likely to youtube video tags from our popular youtubers. This is to give you some idea how to do your next most likely to tag with your sibling like brother or sister.

So what are you waiting for? Note the questions you love, and bring that camera out! Share with us the links of the videos you recorded, we would love to see how it went and how much fun you guys had with the most likely to tag!

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    1. Hey Lorna,

      I’m so happy to have you here on the blog. Ask these questions to your brother and get more close to each other. 🙂

      Have fun!

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