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200+ Funny Who’s Most Likely To Questions for Siblings

Most likely to questions for siblings

Explore your sibling bond further with this exciting most likely to tag questions – sibling edition! If you have always wanted to give this a try with your sibling(s), but never found interesting questions, we have got your back! In this article, we will share with you all sorts of questions that will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly: have tons of fun!

The who’s most likely to tag is a super exciting way to learn about what you and your sibling think and feel about each other’s abilities and personalities. It’s hilarious when you both answer with the same name to a particular situation, or if you both disagree and start debating to back yourself up right there and then!

Make it Exciting!

For a sweet, sweet, nostalgic ride, record the video of the most likely to tag and upload it on YouTube! Your followers will love it. If you don’t want to upload it, record it as a keepsake and see how the video ages. Zoella and her brother Joe recorded a sibling tag video (link below!) and it was super funny to see how Zoella considered herself the best dancer but 4 years later, her brother qualified for finals in a dance competition! It will let you look back on your life and see how things have changed.

Who’s Most likely To Questions for Siblings

Without any further ado, here is the list of the fun-filled who’s most likely to questions for siblings.

Personal Habits and Behaviours

Get ready to spill the beans on your siblings’ everyday weird and wacky stuff! These questions will uncover the funny, odd, and sometimes totally strange things they do.

  1. Forget birthdays or anniversaries?
  2. Be sleepy?
  3. Laugh at the wrong moment?
  4. Spend all their money on something stupid?
  5. Cry during a sad movie?
  6. Sleep through their alarm?
  7. Fall while walking?
  8. Talk in their sleep?
  9. Get lost in a familiar place?
  10. Be the messiest in the family?
  11. Be constantly late?
  12. Misplace their keys often?
  13. Always have their phone battery die?
  14. Trip over their own feet frequently?
  15. Snore the loudest?
  16. Be the clumsiest?
  17. Procrastinate the most?
  18. Be constantly hungry?
  19. Have the most interesting dreams?
  20. Lose their belongings most often?
  21. Stay up late?
  22. Eat all the snacks?
  23. Leave their dirty dishes out?
  24. Lose their phone?
  25. Oversleep and be late?
  26. Binge-watch TV shows?
  27. Procrastinate?
  28. Be the neat freak?
  29. Be a fitness enthusiast?
  30. Be a video game addict?
  31. Read books all day?
  32. Have a secret candy stash?
  33. Dance in public?
  34. Have the loudest laugh?
  35. Take forever to get ready?
  36. Forget to turn off lights?
  37. Start DIY projects but not finish them?
  38. Fix tech issues for everyone?
  39. Hoard old magazines?
  40. Sleep in late on weekends?
  41. Forget their umbrella on a rainy day?
  42. Snack throughout the day?
  43. Daydream in class or meetings?
  44. Break into laughter at the silliest jokes?
  45. Have the neatest handwriting?
  46. Collect cool rocks or shells at the beach?
  47. Spend hours chatting on the phone with friends?
  48. Have the most extensive collection of makeup?
  49. Be the fashionista in the family?
  50. Share endless stories about their day over dinner?

most likely to questions for siblings

Sibling Dynamics

Time for a backstage pass to your family’s drama! These questions will show you the roles everyone plays and the crazy, teamwork, and mishaps that go down between siblings.

  1. Be close to parents?
  2. Usually get in trouble with mom?
  3. Be the favorite child?
  4. Often get into trouble with dad?
  5. Get presents from our parents?
  6. Be next in line to cause some family drama?
  7. Secretly think they’re mom and dad’s favorite?
  8. Pull pranks on their siblings?
  9. Have an ugly date to prom?
  10. Accidentally kill someone in a video game?
  11. Borrow clothes without asking?
  12. Plan surprise parties?
  13. Be mischievous?
  14. Make everyone laugh?
  15. Share their snacks?
  16. Start a pillow fight?
  17. Share secrets?
  18. Make mom cry without trying?
  19. Play pranks together?
  20. Have goofy inside jokes?
  21. Be the big protector?
  22. Lead treasure hunts?
  23. Have a secret handshake?
  24. Organize dance-offs?
  25. Be the cool older sibling?
  26. Control the TV remote?
  27. Help with crush advice?
  28. Be the peacemaker?
  29. Share funny memes?
  30. Create sibling codes?
  31. Enjoy teasing our parents?
  32. Form a family band?
  33. Challenge each other in games?
  34. Skip their chores?
  35. Be the family event planner?
  36. Create epic adventures?
  37. Have tons of inside jokes with their siblings?
  38. Be the family peacemaker?
  39. Be the most competitive among their siblings?
  40. Always get blamed for things?
  41. Be the mediator in sibling arguments?
  42. Be the most protective of their siblings?
  43. Share the most secrets with their siblings?
  44. Plan sibling outings or activities?
  45. Initiate family game nights?
  46. Have the strongest sibling bond?
  47. Enjoy embarrassing their siblings in public?
  48. Be the most reliable when it comes to family obligations?
  49. Be the most sentimental about family traditions?
  50. Talk to their friends on the phone a lot?

Future Goals and Achievements

Ready to take a sneak peek into your siblings’ future dreams and successes? These questions will reveal their big plans, dreams, and potential claims to fame. Who’s the future star of the family?

  1. Get married first?
  2. Marry a celebrity?
  3. Have kids first?
  4. Have a successful career?
  5. Give all their money to charity?
  6. Become a famous musician?
  7. Start their own business?
  8. Win a prestigious award?
  9. Travel the world extensively?
  10. Write a bestselling book?
  11. Invent a silly language?
  12. Win at karaoke?
  13. Perfect a magic trick?
  14. Solve escape rooms?
  15. Start a family band?
  16. Design family logo?
  17. Plan movie marathons?
  18. Compete in silly challenges?
  19. Nail a quirky hobby?
  20. Craft hilarious memes?
  21. Create viral dance moves?
  22. Host epic game nights?
  23. Plan theme park adventures?
  24. Organize surprise parties?
  25. Star in family plays?
  26. Craft gourmet desserts?
  27. Create YouTube pranks?
  28. Organize treasure hunts?
  29. Host wacky costume parties?
  30. Perfect breakfast-in-bed surprises?
  31. Become a world-renowned artist?
  32. Invent something revolutionary?
  33. Make a significant scientific discovery?
  34. Become a professional athlete?
  35. Reach the top of their chosen profession?
  36. Become a renowned chef?
  37. Obtain an advanced degree or qualification?
  38. Make a significant contribution to society?
  39. Become a political leader?
  40. Inspire and motivate others with their achievements?

Personal Traits and Preferences

Buckle up for a ride through your siblings’ personalities! From their hobbies to their weird quirks, these questions will give you the lowdown on what makes each sibling unique.

  1. Listen to classical music?
  2. Be a fan of Star Wars?
  3. Claim they can talk to animals?
  4. Be a drama queen?
  5. Take more selfies?
  6. Be the life of the party?
  7. Have the best fashion sense?
  8. Be the funniest in the family?
  9. Be the most adventurous traveler?
  10. Have the most pets?
  11. Be the most organized?
  12. Be the most creative DIY-er?
  13. Be the best cook?
  14. Learn to speak multiple languages?
  15. Have the most artistic talent?
  16. Be the most tech-savvy?
  17. Be the most athletic?
  18. Be the most optimistic?
  19. Have the best sense of humor?
  20. Be the most spontaneous?
  21. Be an eco-conscious nature lover.
  22. Be a night owl or early bird.
  23. Have a passion for puzzle-solving.
  24. Be an avid bookworm reader.
  25. Be a film buff aficionado.
  26. Have a love for stargazing astronomy.
  27. Be a fitness gym enthusiast.
  28. Have a trendy fashionista expert.
  29. Be a culinary genius chef.
  30. Have a talent for playing a musical instrument.
  31. Be a tech geek guru.
  32. Have a collection of rare items.
  33. Be the family historian storyteller.
  34. Be a master chef in baking.
  35. Be an extreme sports enthusiast.
  36. Have expertise in coffee or tea.
  37. Volunteer for charitable causes.
  38. Be an expert in pop culture.
  39. Have an eye for interior design.
  40. Be a language learning enthusiast.

Everyday Situations and Quirks

Get ready for a dose of laughter and cringe-worthy moments as we dive into everyday situations and quirks. These questions will uncover the funny, weird, and totally relatable moments that happen every day in your family.

  1. Be the best at math?
  2. Drop their phone right after buying it?
  3. Sing in the shower?
  4. Be hungry 24/7?
  5. Worry about small things?
  6. Be the most forgetful?
  7. Be the most accident-prone?
  8. Have the loudest laugh?
  9. Always have the latest gadgets?
  10. Be the most superstitious?
  11. Be the most likely to get lost?
  12. Have the most unusual collection?
  13. Be the most adventurous eater?
  14. Get a sunburn?
  15. Have the best luck?
  16. Lose track of time?
  17. Have a wardrobe malfunction?
  18. Have the best dance moves?
  19. Juggle while crossing streets?
  20. Wear socks with sandals?
  21. Talk to plants daily?
  22. Daydream during meetings?
  23. Eat ice cream daily?
  24. Collect rubber ducks?
  25. Sleep with socks on?
  26. Walk into glass doors?
  27. Wear mismatched socks?
  28. Always carry snacks?
  29. Be the one who trips a lot?
  30. Try DIY stuff but it’s a bit of a mess?
  31. Text the wrong person by accident?
  32. Get locked out of their own house often?
  33. Get confused with push doors and pull them?
  34. Laugh at the weirdest times?
  35. Talk to themselves in public accidentally?
  36. Wave back at someone else’s friend?
  37. Try to impress but end up funny instead?
  38. Have trouble remembering names after saying hi?
  39. Always have the best movie recommendations?
  40. Get caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella?

Christmas Special

It’s time for a quick and festive round of Christmas ‘Most Likely To’ with the siblings. Let’s dive into some holiday fun!

  1. Most likely to taste-test all the Christmas cookies?
  2. Most likely to wrap gifts in a messy but creative style?
  3. Most likely to forget where they hid their presents?
  4. Most likely to sing Christmas carols off-key?
  5. Most likely to wear a Santa hat all day on Christmas?
  6. Most likely to sneak extra Christmas dessert helpings?
  7. Most likely to start a snowball fight during the holidays?
  8. Most likely to be the last to finish unwrapping presents?
  9. Most likely to come up with a silly Christmas dance?
  10. Most likely to wear the loudest Christmas sweater?
  11. Most likely to peek at gifts before Christmas morning?
  12. Most likely to volunteer for dish duty after the feast?
  13. Most likely to suggest a family game night during the holidays?
  14. Most likely to create unique DIY Christmas decorations?
  15. Most likely to start a marshmallow fight while making cocoa?
  16. Most likely to play a holiday prank on the family?
  17. Most likely to fall asleep on the couch after too much food?
  18. Most likely to suggest watching Christmas movies first?
  19. Most likely to take a Christmas nap in the middle of festivities?
  20. Most likely to make everyone laugh with a funny Christmas joke?

What’s next? Let’s take a look at some really funny and cool most likely to YouTube video tags from our popular Youtubers. This is to give you some idea how to do your next who’s most likely to tag with your sibling like brother or sister.

So, what are you waiting for? Note down your favourite most likely to questions for siblings that you love, grab your camera, and start creating YouTube shorts, Instagram Reels, or TikTok videos! Share the links to the videos you’ve recorded with us – we’d love to see how it went and how much fun you all had with the Who’s Most Likely To Tag – Siblings edition.

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