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150 Sister Tag Questions That Will Reveal Who Knows Who Best

sister tag questions

If there is one person on this planet who you constantly annoy yet love them to death, it’s your sister. This sibling relationship is a weird bond that defies all constraints of logic: one moment you are fighting like cats and dogs and the other you’re defending them and beating up their bullies. However your relationship is like, it is sure to have some secrets and some memories which you can beautifully recount in this exciting Sister Tag!

The sister tag, also known as sibling tag or sister Q&A, is a popular question-and-answer game where siblings engage in a fun and interactive activity. This involves asking each other a series of questions, which not only strengthens the bond between sisters but also provides a platform to reminisce about shared memories, explore personal preferences, and gain deeper insights into each other’s lives. The sister tag is a wonderful way to celebrate the unique and cherished relationship between sisters while creating lasting memories.

Turn it up!

If you have a social media following, best record the video answering the sister tag questions and share the laughs with your followers. If not, keep the video as a memory and re-watch it years later – you will reminisce about how things used to be. It will be a sweet, sweet nostalgic ride!

You could even make a game out of this by rewarding each other with perks such as trading chores if the other gets the question right. Or perhaps the opposite as a punishment for getting it wrong!

List Of Sister Tag Questions

Get ready for an exciting sister tag session! We’re about to dive into the funny categories of questions to ask your sister that will spark laughter, nostalgia, and meaningful conversations. Whether you’re looking to recall your childhood memories, uncover personal preferences and favorites, explore the dynamics within our family, or simply enjoy some fun and entertaining discussions, this sister tag has it all. Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

Sister  Tag Questions

Childhood Memories

  1. Who’s the older sibling?
  2. What do you have in common?
  3. What’s your funniest memory together with each other?
  4. Who’s the ultimate troublemaker in the family?
  5. What was our favorite childhood TV show or cartoon?
  6. Do you remember our secret language or inside jokes from when we were kids?
  7. Who’s the better storyteller?
  8. Who’s the more nostalgic person?
  9. Who’s the more adventurous sibling?
  10. Who’s more likely to have had imaginary friends as a child?
  11. Who’s the one who always had the messiest room growing up?
  12. Who’s the better hide-and-seek player?
  13. Who’s the more curious sibling?
  14. What annoys you most about each other?
  15. Who’s the one that always made us laugh uncontrollably as kids?
  16. Who had the messier handwriting as a child?
  17. What was our favorite bedtime story growing up?
  18. Who had the most unusual collection of toys or knick-knacks?
  19. Who was the better singer during karaoke sessions at home?
  20. What was the craziest adventure we embarked on together as kids?
  21. Who was the pickier eater growing up?
  22. What was our favorite game to play together as kids?
  23. Who was more likely to sneak extra cookies from the cookie jar?
  24. What’s the silliest argument we’ve ever had as siblings?
  25. Who was the first to try something new, whether it was a food or a hobby?

Personal Preferences and Favorites

Dive into the unique tastes and quirks of your sibling as you explore their favorite things, from foods to films and everything in between.

  1. What’s your favorite game to play?
  2. What is your favorite food/drink?
  3. What’s your favorite makeup brand?
  4. Who’s the better cook?
  5. Who’s the more organized sibling?
  6. Who’s the more fashion-forward one?
  7. Who’s the better singer?
  8. Who’s the more creative sibling?
  9. Who’s the pickier eater?
  10. Who’s the one with the larger music collection?
  11. Who’s the more tech-savvy sibling?
  12. Who’s the one who always has the best book recommendations?
  13. Who’s the more adventurous eater?
  14. What is your favorite season of the year and why?
  15. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
  16. Are you a lipstick or lip gloss kind of person?
  17. What’s your favorite romantic comedy movie?
  18. Do you prefer heels or flats?
  19. What do you like to do for a relaxing evening?
  20. Which is your favorite flower or scent?
  21. What dish instantly reminds you of home?
  22. Who’s the more graceful dancer in your opinion?
  23. Dream vacation destination and why?
  24. Who’s the adventurous explorer in the family?
  25. Your ultimate guilty pleasure movie or TV series?
  26. Who’s more likely to suggest spontaneous adventures?
  27. Share a cherished childhood memory unique to you.
  28. Who keeps special things from the past the most?
  29. Any specialty dish you’re known for cooking?
  30. Are you the type to stay up late or rise early for a quiet moment?

Family Relationships

Explore the bonds that tie you together as you delve into questions about your family dynamics, relationships, and shared experiences.

  1. What do you like about each other?
  2. What do you hate about each other?
  3. What’s your nickname family calls you?
  4. Who is closest to parents?
  5. Complete this statement: “My sibling(s) are”
  6. Who’s mom’s favorite?
  7. Who’s dad’s favorite?
  8. Who’s the family peacemaker?
  9. Who’s the more responsible sibling?
  10. Which one of you is more social?
  11. Who’s the caretaker during family gatherings?
  12. Who gives the best relationship advice?
  13. Who’s the most organized with family events?
  14. Who’s the party planner in the family?
  15. Who’s the sentimental one when it comes to family traditions?
  16. Who’s the most organized sibling in our family?
  17. Do we share any inherited personality traits from our parents?
  18. Who’s the funniest person in our extended family?
  19. Who do you admire the most in our family and why?
  20. What’s your favorite family tradition or celebration?
  21. Who’s the nurturing sister in our family?
  22. What’s the best advice you’ve received from our mother or grandmother?
  23. Who’s the most sentimental sibling in our family?
  24. What’s the funniest memory you have with our father or grandfather?
  25. Who do you turn to for relationship advice in the family?
  26. What’s the funniest thing we always do together as a family?
  27. Who’s the best singer in our family when we have a party?
  28. Describe how we dance together at family events.
  29. Who usually starts playing games when we’re all together?
  30. Tell us a joke that only our family thinks is funny.

Sibling Dynamics Questions

  1. Who room is a mess?
  2. What is your sibling really bad at?
  3. What is your sibling really good at?
  4. Who is the most talented among all of you?
  5. What’s the best thing about each other?
  6. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?
  7. One thing you can do which your sibling can’t?
  8. What’s a weird habit of your sibling?
  9. Who is sensitive?
  10. Who’s the bossier sibling?
  11. Who’s the messier one?
  12. Who’s the more outgoing sibling?
  13. Who’s the better driver?
  14. Who’s the more competitive sibling?
  15. Who’s the one who always borrows clothes without asking?
  16. Who’s the better negotiator between the two of us?
  17. Who’s the one with the better sense of direction?
  18. Who’s the more patient sibling?
  19. Who’s the one who always cracks jokes to lighten the mood?
  20. Who is the better driver between us?
  21. What is the most memorable adventure or trip we had together?
  22. Can you recall a time when we got into trouble together and had to cover for each other?
  23. Are we more similar or different when it comes to our taste in music?
  24. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from me?
  25. What is the most annoying habit that I have that you can’t stand?
  26. Who is the more fashionable sister between us?
  27. Who is the better cook among the sisters?
  28. Who is the more organized sister when it comes to planning family events?
  29. Who is the more adventurous sister in trying new things?
  30. Who is the most talkative sister in our family?

funny questions to ask your sister

Funny Questions To Ask Your Sister

Prepare for some side-splitting moments with these light-hearted and funny questions to ask your sister which are guaranteed to keep the laughter rolling.

  1. What do you all do for fun?
  2. What does your sibling think about the most?
  3. Which sibling reads more?
  4. Who’s in love?
  5. Who is the most hot? 😉
  6. Describe the last thing you did with your sibling.
  7. Who’s the better dancer?
  8. Who’s the more adventurous eater?
  9. Who’s the movie critic in the family?
  10. Who’s the better comedian?
  11. Who’s the more tech-savvy sibling?
  12. Who’s the one who always wins in card or board games?
  13. Who’s the more spontaneous sibling when it comes to planning outings?
  14. Who’s the better karaoke singer?
  15. Who’s the one who always finds the best funny videos on the internet?
  16. Who’s the more competitive when it comes to sports or outdoor activities?
  17. Eat the last slice of pizza without telling anyone?
  18. Spend hours binge-watching a new TV series?
  19. Forget their own birthday?
  20. Get caught taking selfies in public?
  21. Laugh uncontrollably at the most inappropriate times?
  22. Break something and blame it on the other sibling?
  23. Sing and dance like nobody’s watching when alone at home?
  24. Pull a prank on someone and get away with it?
  25. Talk to animals as if they understand every word?
  26. Have you ever tried a daring hairstyle or hair color just for fun?
  27. Have you ever pulled an all-nighter to binge-watch a TV series or movies?
  28. Have you ever accidentally worn mismatched shoes or socks outside?
  29. Have you ever danced like no one was watching?
  30. Have you ever tried a beauty or fashion trend that you later regretted?
  31. Who’s the master of silly faces in our family photo albums?
  32. Describe the weirdest thing your sibling has ever eaten.
  33. Who’s the quickest to crack a joke, even in serious situations?
  34. Share the most embarrassing childhood nickname one of you had.
  35. If our family were a sitcom, who would play each character and why?

Enjoy asking these tag questions to your sister and have some great fun knowing more about each other and find out who has more in-depth details about you.

Now as promised, here are some of the really good YouTube sister tag questions done. Take a look at them and enjoy watching these video tags questions.

This one is done by Zoella who is a famous youtuber.


Now that you have the questions, what are you waiting for? Grab your sister and film the sister tag. Be sure to tell us how the bonding experience was. We’re sure you would learn something new about each other and – let us take a guess – I’m sure there would be some bickering through the video too. That’s just how the sibling bond is!

Is there any sibling tag questions which you think shouldn’t be on the list? Or if you want to add any more tag questions for sister or brother please feel free to leave us a comment down below.

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