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30 Fun Most Likely To Tag Questions For Friends, Family & Couples

most likely to tag questions

If you feel bored or a loss of inspiration, we are back with a spectacular idea of how to occupy yourself for the next two days. Why, with a Most Likely to Tag, of course! The Most Likely to tag is a trend which involves asking a series of situational questions and the participants responding with a prop of the person they believe applies it to the most. It is a fun way to have the best time of your life with your favourite people!

The way to make most of this situation is to record yourself and the people you are doing this with to reflect back on the journey and notice the changes among yourself and witness the growth in your personalities. Not only will the process of recording be absolutely humorous, but reflecting years later will be a fun group activity too!

Who Can You Do This With?

Absolutely anyone who you care for! It is completely up to you to decide who to bring on board to share this experience with. It could be your friends, your family, your significant other, your siblings, anyone who knows you! It’s imperative for the person to know you on some level to be able to choose your name when a situation that is apt to you comes up. Otherwise, you’ll miss the fun!

Most likely To Tag Questions List

If you’re wondering what could be the possible questions you can ask your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend or family in most likely to tag, we have prepared a list for you, here:

  1. Most likely to Cry in public?
  2. Most likely to Forget birthdays?
  3. Most likely to Get drunk?
  4. Most likely to Be sleepy?
  5. Most likely to Be inpatient?
  6. Most likely to Fall whilst walking?
  7. Most likely to Laugh at the wrong moment?
  8. Most likely to Fart in public?
  9. Most likely to Be a flirt?
  10. Most likely to Spend all their money on something stupid?
  11. Most likely to Get a stalker?
  12. Most likely to Cry in a sad movie?
  13. Most likely to Talk to animals?
  14. Most likely to Marry a celebrity?
  15. Most likely to Be the first one to die in a zombie apocalypse?
  16. Most likely to Be a drama queen?
  17. Most likely to Watch animes?
  18. Most likely to Listen to classical music?
  19. Most likely to Always be happy?
  20. Most likely to Be a fan of Star Wars?
  21. Most likely to Skydive?
  22. Most likely to Be hungry 24/7?
  23. Most likely to Know all the words to a TV show theme song?
  24. Most likely to Drop their phone after they bought them?
  25. Most likely to Hold their breath the longest?
  26. Most likely to Have the most piercings?
  27. Most likely to Give all their money to charity?
  28. Most likely to Ask stupid questions?
  29. Most likely to Be the best at math?
  30. Most likely to Worry about small things?

(Source: Yahoo answers, Tumblr, Internet)

Are you still not ready? We’re sure you are! Grab your camera and your favourite people and simply press record to have the time of your life. Be sure to share with us your experience of this adventure in the comments below.

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  1. so me and my gay brother did this and it was the funniest thing ever definitely brought us closer together I am now going to his baby shower because we are so close now, 10/10 would recommend if you wanted to laugh your pants off lmaooooooooooo

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